We understand that your vehicle is a significant investment. We also understand that you are not visiting us because you wanted to be in an accident. No one wants to visit a body shop. This is why we have prepared this information sheet for frequently asked questions.

What should I know about the repair process?

YOU are the customer. You have the right to choose your repair facility. Just because we are not on your "insurers approved repair shop list" does not mean we are not capable or repairing your vehicle. We are certified by numerous OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers). We also maintain high levels of training to repair your vehicle. If an insurer attempts to direct you to another shop, YOU have the right to take it wherever you feel comfortable. We work with you to make sure your vehicle is repaired correctly. We follow OE procedures in the repair of your vehicle and we prefer the use of OE parts. Our goal is to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition with a quality repair.

I don't know much about cars, how can I be sure your body shop will not pad the estimate with unnecessary parts or labor?

First of all, that is just not what we do, but we do understand consumer skepticism. To help ease that concern, we proudly state we are a VeriFacts VQ (Verified Quality) facility. VQ status is a recognition that cannot be bought, only earned. You would not be able to earn this status by padding estimates. We are also a certified Assured Performance Network shop and are certified by multiple OEM's and must adhere to their standards.

What should I know about the Estimate Process?

An estimate is only that, an estimation of work to be performed and the associated cost for parts, paint, services and labor for visible damage. When the vehicle is brought in, one of our representatives will "walk around" the vehicle with you to identify all damage caused by the accident that you can see. The representative will also note any damage and defects (UPD - unrelated prior damage) not related to the accident. If you disagree with this assessment, now is the time to get it resolved. It is also helpful for you to explain how the accident happened and how many passengers were in the vehicle along with their location. After the "walk around" the representative will generate a computerized estimate and present it to you for review.

If you wish to schedule your vehicle without obtaining an initial estimate, your vehicle will move into the disassembly station where an accurate damage analysis will be performed. This eliminates a 2nd trip to the shop. If you schedule your vehicle, we will create one complete damage assessment and minimize the need for supplements.

Once the estimate is written, and I agree to the repair, will your body shop be held to the dates and costs on that estimate?

As stated earlier, an estimate is only an estimation of repairs for visible damage. The majority of repairs have hidden damage that will not be seen until damaged area is completely disassembled. When all damage has been identified, a supplement showing a complete analysis of all damage may be necessary. Once we complete the damage analysis, we will know an accurate cost of repair. In addition, we will be able to provide a more accurate completion date. Please note that in some instances we must wait on an "approval" for repair from an insurance company. This approval time can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks.

It is important that we keep in touch with you, the customer, through this process. We will advocate for a quality and proper repair. Keep in mind, delays can occur depending on parts availability and whether or not your vehicle needs repairs performed by a sublet vendor (such as wheel mount and balance, recalibration at the dealership or certain specialty replacement pieces like bed liner replacement).

What if I don't want aftermarket parts on my car?

Louisiana law requires that we inform you if aftermarket or recycled (USED) parts are recommended by your insurance company. It is our position and the position of most manufacturers that only original equipment parts (OE) are used in the repair. You are entitled to have your vehicle restored to pre-accident condition. For safety, fit and functionality most manufacturers require or recommend the use of OE parts. We feel the same. The use of non-OE parts could compromise the safety of your vehicle and in some instances could also void your warranty. Manufacturer If there is a lien-holder on the vehicle, (your car is financed) check with the finance company as well, as this could affect the trade value of your vehicle. If your vehicle is a lease, check with your leaseholder. Use of non-OE parts will affect the trade value of your lease at the end of your lease term. Sometimes, it may be necessary for YOU, the customer, to get involved with your insurance company to demand that certain parts or procedures are paid for by the insurance company. An example is the use of aftermarket or used parts. If you do not want these types of parts used on the vehicle, you have the right to demand the use of OE parts and will need to make that request yourself to your insurance company during the claim process.

Why does your damage analysis differ from my insurance company's estimate?

Several reasons. Their estimate would be like our initial estimate, based on what they can see, not on what they can't see. We want to repair your vehicle to OE standards while maintaining quality with a proper repair. If the OE says it would be safer to replace rather than repair a part, we will add this to our repair analysis. Our complete analysis may also add items like frame repair, recalibration or certain sublet repairs that may not have been visible initially, or are required for proper repairs. We will perform a pre and post-scan of your vehicle. This is similar to a health checkup at your doctor's office. The pre-scan gives us a baseline reading of what is going on with your vehicle before we start repairs. The post-scan will tell us if we need to perform any recalibrations or reset any systems after the repair, especially if we have disconnected the battery.

After I drop my car off for repair, does the body shop make more money the longer they keep my vehicle?

Absolutely not! We strive to move your vehicle through the process as quickly as possible while ensuring your vehicle is repaired to OE standards, maintaining high quality throughout the process. Body shops only get paid for delivering a repaired vehicle. Sitting vehicles take up space that could be used for another vehicle needing repair. We are not a storage facility.

I heard I will get a survey sent to me in a few days after the repairs are completed. Why should I fill this out?

We continuously try to improve our operations. Your feedback provides vital data in areas we are concerned with. Your response to the survey will help focus our efforts in identifying areas for improvement or refinement.

If my car gets painted, how soon after can I wash or wax my car?

You can wash your car right away. In fact, we washed it for you already before you picked your keys up. It is recommended to wait at least 60 days before waxing. Clear coats reach their maximum hardness in 30 days; however, 30 more days may be required for complete curing. Note - It is not recommended to use automatic car washes that employ the use of brushes, as bristles can easily scratch your new coating.

What if I am not satisfied with the work done on my vehicle?

We hope you are happy with our repairs! We take great pride in our work. If, for whatever reason you are not satisfied when you pick up vehicle, let us know immediately. If possible, we will remedy the situation right away. If not, we will do whatever it takes to minimize your inconvenience.

Are you a certified repair facility?

Certainly! Here is a list:

  • Honda/Acura ProFirst Certified Repair Facility (3)
  • Collision Repair Network Certified Nissan/Infiniti Repair Facility (1, 3)
  • Kia Recognized Collision Repair Provider (1, 3)
  • Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center (1, 3)
  • Certified FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, Jeep, Ram) Collision Repair Facility (1, 3)
  • Assured Performance Certified Collision Care Provider (1, 3)
  • Ford Aluminum Certified Repair Facility (1)

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely! We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our repairs.

Immediately After An Auto Accident

  • Take a deep breath and stay calm.
  • Check for injuries; call an ambulance when in doubt.
  • If the accident is minor, move cars to a safe place, out of traffic.
  • Turn on your vehicle's hazard lights and use cones, warning triangles or flares for safety.
  • Call the police, even if the accident is minor.
  • Notify your insurance agent immediately.
  • Stand a safe distance away from your vehicle and the road while you talk to the other drivers or wait for help.
  • Get the name, address, phone number, driver's license number, plate number and insurance information of any other drivers involved in the auto accident, along with the names of anyone with injuries and any witnesses.